Getting Ahead of ADHD

What Next-Generation Science Says about Treatments That Work—and How You Can Make Them Work for Your Child

Joel T. Nigg, Ph.D.


Nigg…presents a wide-ranging and practical approach for parents facing a child’s diagnosis of ADHD….Parents will find reassurance, hope, and step-by-step action plans in this coherent guide to the current and evolving science on ADHD.”

Publishers Weekly

“How can you stay abreast of the rapidly growing research base on ADHD and its treatment, when even clinical professionals can’t keep up? Simple—read this book! Dr. Nigg is a foremost clinical scientist with a talent for making complex ideas digestible. He explains what is currently known about the causes of ADHD, and, more important, offers numerous insights and recommendations for how to find the best treatment for your unique child.”

—Russell A. Barkley, PhD, ABPP, ABCN, author of Taking Charge of ADHD

“What a great resource for current knowledge on the relationship between ADHD and diet, exercise, sleep, technology, and other hugely important topics. And it’s all distilled down into nuggets of practical advice and genuinely doable action plans. Every parent of a child with ADHD should read this book.”

—Peg Dawson, EdD, coauthor of Smart but Scattered

“Thank you, Dr. Nigg! As a parent of a child with ADHD, I found this book tremendously valuable as well as enjoyable to read. It condenses the best current research into practical advice. After using some of this advice, I see a noticeable reduction in my child’s irritability. I will definitely recommend this book to other parents who are looking for expert guidance.”

—Laura S., Michigan

“Dr. Nigg presents a new understanding of ADHD that reveals how both genes and environment shape the disorder. He reviews the pros and cons of diet, exercise, and other novel treatments, helping you choose among a wide range of options for your child. Misinformation about ADHD abounds—this book separates facts from fiction.”

—Stephen V. Faraone, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and of Neuroscience and Physiology, State University of New York Upstate Medical University

“This refreshingly commonsense book is outstanding in several ways—it is timely, relevant, comprehensive, balanced, and practical.”

—L. Eugene Arnold, MD, MEd, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health (Emeritus), The Ohio State University College of Medicine

“As a parent who has read every book on the subject, I tried everything to help my son with ADHD. I made him feel like a lab rat and wasted time, energy, and money. If I could turn back time, this one book would sit on my nightstand. It is so nice to have a vision for a bright future alongside realistic, meaningful actions we can take right now. Getting Ahead of ADHD gives me the confidence and tools I need to make wise decisions.”

—Marie B., Oregon

“Extraordinary! This book offers an efficient summary that brings you up to speed on the science of ADHD. Dr. Nigg helps you make decisions for your child based on science, rather than fads or the latest trends in the media. I will recommend this book to all parents in our clinic.”

—Julie Sarno Owens, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Co-Director, Center for Intervention Research in Schools, Ohio University


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Joel T. Nigg, Ph.D.

Joel Nigg, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, scientist, and a professor in the departments of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience at Oregon Health & Science University. He directs the OSHU ADHD Research program and is also director of the division of psychology. He is the author of a new book for parents on ADHD, environment, and lifestyle entitled, Getting Ahead of ADHD: What Next-Generation Science Says About Treatments That Work — and How You Can Make Them Work for Your Child.   MORE…


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