Q: Can I treat my child’s ADHD without medication?

A: Yes, often you can: if you’re willing to make some changes and work hard at it. While medications can be very effective supports for children with ADHD, if you are uneasy about trying meds, you can always give it a shot without the meds–and fall back to medication if needed. Depending on your child’s particular profile, you’ll likely need to learn some new skills for guiding your child’s behavior at home, for helping your child organize their time and studies, and for helping them gain control of their impulses and emotions. Self-help books can get you part way, but consult a pro if things aren’t moving forward. Many skills are available for you to learn. But it often takes trouble-shooting with a pro to isolate the best formula for your individual child. Chapter 8 of “Getting Ahead of ADHD” gives more details and points to more resources.


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