Q: Is mindfulness helpful for those with ADHD?

A: Mindfulness exercises can help mainly as a stress-management tool. The research in it: having children do mindfulness by themselves does not do much for kids with ADHD, but when parents do mindfulness with their kids, there seem to be benefits for the child and the parent. This suggests that it can help to do things that restore a bit more mellowness to the parent-child or family dynamic. ADHD can be thought of as an extra-sensitivity to everything around them, so whatever might be mildly stressful to someone without ADHD might me much more so for someone with ADHD. Thus, managing the stressful emotions and situations becomes extra valuable for ADHD. These are early days of research in these types of strategies for attention, but they show promise for self-regulation and mood. Our research has contributed to showing that self-regulation and mood are related to ADHD. For more on mindfulness, one resource is this book. Although it is listed as helping with depression, it also helps with self-regulation.